Signature’s tailored suits are an ultimate fashion statement. You’ve saved for your wedding and the time to shop for a suit has finally come. There are various options from which to choose, but nothing beats the appeal of a tailor-made suit. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose a tailored suit that will make your big day truly special.

Bespoke or Made To Measure

A made-to-measure suit is built partially in advance, but the final product is tailored to your measurements. Made-to-measure suits often involve several fittings, with a variety of measurements made to ensure a perfect fit, which requires that the garments be fine-tuned. Bespoke suits are built from scratch. Everything from the fabric to the buttons is designed according to your specifications. It’s often more time consuming to make a bespoke suit and they usually cost a bit more than made-to-measure alternatives.

Know Your Body Shape

When buying a tailored suit, you have to be honest with yourself and get a suit that flatters your body shape. That’s the whole point of getting a custom-tailored suit. If you’re a bit on the skinny side, try to avoid wide lapels. Tall guys should steer clear of trousers that are too short while shorter people should avoid overly long jackets. You can always work with your tailor to make the right tweaks for your body shape.

Think About The Fabric

Do some research on the ideal fabric for your situation and seek professional advice from your tailor on Twitter. One tip is that the suit will most likely appear lighter than the tailor’s sample so be sure to study the colours in sunlight and make sure you’re getting everything just right. Remember that the lining too can really up the tempo of your suit and give it some character.

Consider The Outfit Style

A suit is not just a suit—it oozes style. The most common styles are British, American or Italian. When looking for a wedding suit, you need something custom. If you’re not sure about the design or colour, go for a timeless look and neutral shades. After all, if you’re splashing out on a suit, why wouldn’t you want to wear it for another special occasion in the future? Try not to be restrictive and do some research on various suit styles.

One other factor you can’t afford to ignore is the weight of the fabric. If you’re having a summer wedding, go for lighter materials such as cotton and linen. For a winter wedding, consider a heavier fabric that will keep you warm without compromising on your look. Otherwise, choose fabrics that you can use all year round.